Wednesday 27 July 2011

Bad and lucky...

Aku tak rasa apa-apa pun today
cuma pagi tadi while drove to the office
i called Y to say hi and wish selamat berpuasa
then when i reached office
Ambrose text me to ask abt my health condition
I text Brat to ask abt kuih
and text my sist too asking whether she will
overnight @ my place or not tonite..
then the rest is ok..
Aku baca paper as well as check email bla bla bla!
masa nak kuar..ada appointment somewhere
hati dah teragak-agak nak bawa keta ke tak
sebab ingat kuar lunch appt dgn Zo
i decided to drive..
Park my car near Huck’s Cafe @ 10.30am and finish @12.30 noon.
fount that the back window is broken and im lucky though nothing left...
manage to call Brat and asking him where’s the nearest car wash
to vacuum the glass and a workshop too..
luckyly he came instantly to help me and everything’s settle smoothly
but still sad bcoz why it happened to me while ive nothing to do with them
B: U lucky coz nothing happen to u
Me: But my car was broken
B: Its only car, not least u ok..
Me: Yeah...but y may car?
B: My car too..long time the same place..
Me: Hmm...
B: Pls don sad la...nothinglah...don’t worry. I ask the uncle to help u.
Me: Ok thanks..
B: He will do a clean job..u tunggu sini or else waiting in my office, more better.
Me: Here is ok..
B: U sure?
Me: Sure..
Hmm..that is B! Always helpful..
While today is a lucky day bcoz i win a lucky draw during Loccitane soft launch! Yay!!

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