Friday 22 July 2011

Jean-Marie Auboine

I mad of it...
really mad about it
and it is chocholate
my boss assigned me to Malaysia Pastri Academy
to meet someone
and he is
Chef Jean-Marie Auboine
I was shocked
he's so handsome
and sexy
in his way to explain about chocholate
hmm...kalau dia bukan chef
yang membuat chocholate
dia bukan siapa-siapa pun, sungguh!
Moral of the story: Aku gila chocholate, bukan tergila-gilakan dia.
Tapi kira boleh jugalah gilakan dia pun...hik! hik! hik!

Master Chocolatier and Executive Pastry Chef. Finalist MOF Chocolatier 2011. Best Desserts in Miami 2009 by Miami New Times Best Chef in Mexico 2008 by Vatel Club Finalist MOF Chocolatier Confiseur 2007 5th Place World Chocolate Masters 2005, Winner of the Press Award. American Chocolate Master 2005 Member of the Academie Culinaire de France since 2004 Best Pastry Chef in France Guide Champerard 2003

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