Friday 22 July 2011

The moment that i like...

Someone invited me to hv a dinner in Intercontinental (formerly known as Niko Hotel).
Without hesitate, i went there and had a very release session together with Bobby, Samantha, Azza and a lady from Hotel Magazine.
We keep chatting abt the gong that brought someone to the next phase...
Gong tu ada kat Kg Mortem.
Bobby's friends, MA, bet the gong for 3 times and a month later,
she was married with a guy from Switzerland.. what a lucky then.
Bobby told me:
B: Kalau i tau ketok gong 3 x boleh kawin.. i'll do that!
Azza: I want to get the gong..i want to get married now!
Sam: Owh everybody is looking for the gong eh...(with eyes drooling..hihi)
Me: Ya too...mana itu gong aa..i wanna bet it too..(smiley face..)
The Lady: Guess the gong already rosak maa..lama sudah..

And finally..hihi...haha..hihi..haha..what a funny times we had even it only 2 hrs..twas blast of happiness!

Before back home, Samantha ask me to meet up with Japanese chef since i love Japanese food...luv ya Sam..XOXO!

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