Tuesday 8 January 2013

A little prayer for u, friends...

I believe that what goes around comes around and what you give, you get back. For the past few weeks, specially the last week of December 2012 was a remarkable day for me. I ended it as remarkable day because ive gone thru the bad and good things with no doubt, alone and strong. Someone remind me before, life is like a river flow. There will be no looking back, no second thoughts and no regrets. What i need to do is having it with no scared. I know sometimes life hits us with unexpected things that take us totally by surprise. I hope i can share the spirit of it with all of you who accept me as who i am and my weakness too.

Let me be the bandage for your bleeding
let me the ocean for your tears
let me be the secret of your healing
let me be the song to still your fears.

Love isn’t love that cannot love in darkness
nor is it love that turns away from pain
nor would i love would i not hold your sadness
and with my love your love of life sustain.

So do not think your malady a burden
and do not think my willingness deceit
just let your sorrow flow into my garden
and i will share with you the harvest sweet.


  1. KAWAN..
    kau ada waktu aku nak ;)

    1. Irfa,
      kan..ada kalanya kita rasa nak ada kawan dan ada kalanya kita nak duduk diam-diam tanpa bercakap-cakap...

  2. I'm saying a prayer for you too, dik LW :)

  3. cinta cinta ni buat i muntah laa u... bluerrrkkk... haa kann..heeeeee....persetankan cinta itu..wahhh dah mcm sinetron indon gituh kan....


    1. NP
      err i tak maksudkan cinta, tapi a good spirit la weii...hehe..anyway depends on us to interpret this entry..

      i tak tengok sinetron indon mahupun local..tatau la perkembangan sinetron ni u.. :)

  4. LW,

    "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." ~ A quote from my fav movie Forrest Gump~

    It means that life is a mystery and there's always something new and a lot of it. We never know what will happen next or how things are going to turn out. Like a box of chocolates, life is sweet and bitter that we come to comprehend as we bite into each new day. Be strong and keep on walking no matter what happens... :)

    And the song, owe me god..it reminds me of My Best Friend's Wedding. You'll be 4ever in my heart and may Allah bless you always... :)

    ps: And a little prayer for you too LW dear..Thanks.

    1. Eliza dear,
      I second on you, life is like a box of chocholate. Everyday, every thing is new, every single days, everybody want to be the new one in life..and we will not know until we spread our wings..now im fly and fly higher..chasing time and chasing myself...wish me luck!

    2. Runnn..Forest...runnn....!

  5. kawan...so far akak di kelilingi oleh kawan2 yang best ....ok tak semua...seorang dua je yang slack yang lain2 semua best2 .

    1. Kak sha
      syukur sangat kalau kita ada kawan yang memahami..rasanya saya setakat dikelilingi kawan2 yg sangat memberi inspirasi kepada saya..:)

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