Thursday 18 August 2011

Momento: NP & SM..u coloured my thought!

There's two things to define what is friends mean: pureness of word when u talk abt and spontainess of reaction when u participate abt...

...stars are seen together, yet they are so far apart, true friends may not not speak everyday, but remember we are always linked heart to heart..

friendship is like a violin, music may stop now and then, but strings are always attached forever. likewise if u be in touch or not, you are always remembered..and a friend is someone you can do nothing with, and enjoy it..hey let me tell u..this is the best time blogging that i ever had since 2004..for those who are not mentioned..kamen, misznorul, ummi maryam, happy irfa etc..i appreciate u all too.

Note: NP & SM, kukenalimu baru sekejap, dalam sekejap itu juga aku mengenalimu..think abt it! aku sepatutnya buat posting ini ketika friendship day tapi lambat lagi nak tunggu tahun depan bcoz as for friendship day is everyday and having a great friend like u is really make my day great! aku tak tahu apa dalam kepala otak korang...but this is mine..mari kita layan lagu tangkap leleh ini barang seketika.


  1. aku duduk dalam gua? sori beb, tak tau pulak ada friendship day... please remind me ya!

  2. i will...semua hari ada...u name it, u got it!

  3. ia mcm ada kimia, biology...
    and it started with adele... yeahhh adele...
    i'm happy knowing u..
    bila tengok follower u, see who is the first who follow, meeeee!!! yeahhhhhhhhh....

    thank u for being somebody yang boleh share thoughts walaupun i betul2 buta pasal sastera....

  4. ya..ya...macam ada same intuition too..maybe our thought is paralel that's y kita boleh keep continues posting here and there..yg penting, be ourself..thanks a lot for being my 1st follower..owh segannya..hihi..tak sangka ada org nak masuk sini coz i memang tulis suka suki je..tapi hati tak menahan (pinjam word u)nak baca luahan u pasal zundal..we r in a same circumstances but lil bit diff due to subject matter...bebila ada peluang 'makae tea' kita kecek..i follow u too...
    my pleasure..u too...thanks for being someone that understand me..pls take care! bcoz nobody around us..only us..
    no worry about sastera...i baca semua genre...

  5. i'm keen to know more details about the subject matter...

    telling u, i memang tak penah jumpa mana2 blogger setakat ini..takutttt... malu segan semualah... ya ya sebab hidung i berlubang... 2 pulak tu..

    ooh berminat dgn citer zundal rupanya...

  6. NP: our routine is totally different dear..almost everyday i meet a new person in all circumstances...last two years i hv a chance to be face to face with Tun Dr Siti Hasmah...takut gila sehh...and after that...feel comfort bcoz she's awesome! i nak kata...i pun awesome gak...kih!kih!kih!..jangan marah, u marah i jual pada SM...

  7. pompuan mengumpat, aku tak campur... (hahahaaa!)

  8. hahahaha..bukan mengumpat tapi termengumpat...ko dah jumpat posting yg aku termengumpat pasal ko?

  9. cih, busuk punya kaki. suka mengumpat sambil keluar baris..!

  10. hahahaha...aku peduli apa...bluekkkk!


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