Thursday 18 August 2011

raisin rock!

raisin rock cookies and almond + macadamian nut..
while waiting for the TM Unifi  manage my internet service at home these morning..i decided to bake a cookies...a rock head banging cookies for the person who loves to hear rock head banging music..hehe!


  1. Hi Lady, I love your lively sense of humour, ha ha ha.
    First time I read or see this 'rock head banging cookies'.
    They look real good too.
    I think 6 pieces with iced coffee boleh juga with me, ha ha.
    You have a nice day, keep a song in your heart.
    Selamat berpuasa.

  2. Shud I call u lee or uncle lee...yeah that's my own creation when I don't know what to do and it's for my two blogger buddies. I think u can hv more than least a dozen then u can hv together with auntie mehh... Okeh darling (kih!kih!kih) thanks for drop by...hv a nice time then...

  3. hey u dont go to work today? how come meh??

    wahhh name cookies...soo brutal mehhhh...

  4. hey buddy...i work lorr...but a bit late la coz waiting for the TM Unifi guys to fix up my internet line..then i baked a brutal cookies for u n SM meh...want aarr? when can we meet up for a cup of coffee eh...

  5. aku sakit gigi, say hi to your `nice good looking' cookies... gotta a name of your cookies?

  6. i'm shy shy person... how to meet up meh?

    eh why are we talking like this arr? funny lorrr.....

    SM, kau tak payah kunyah pun, kau telan jer cookies brutal head banging si LW tu..

  7. ouchh kesian ko...sakit gigi ek..aku tau sangat...musti suffer gila..raisin rock cookies say hi to u too and wish u speedy recovery from tooth pain..

  8. NP: why la shy shy need to shy..we same aarr...or else ur alien mehh...mwahahaha...


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